Beware of scammers

Lately, as I was browsing internet, I found pictures of our projects on couple different web sites. First I was angry and confused. But later got somewhat proud – we are doing a good job if others are using our pictures as the best possible representation of their services. One web site contains all but 1(!) of our pictures. They even photo-shopped their logo on our truck. Lots of the pictures have me in them. Would be funny to stand in front of the customers face to face and see what these people would try to give as an explanation for how come MYSELF appear on ” their companies’ ” photo.

I did a small research and found that explanation is pretty simple – there are no specialized companies in Edmonton and area who does ONLY residential metal roofs. Our company is the only one. There are companies who do metal roofs as well as any other types. But when you do something over and over, you become the Master at it.

I also found couple One-Man companies. All of them consist of one sales guy. This sales guy makes living reselling contracts to the actual installing companies or might have one subcontractor on a regular base to work with. Again, these people have never been on a roof and never had installed any roofs themselves. They just sell. Roofs today, cars tomorrow….

So don’t be afraid to ask for references, addresses, previous contracts or anything else to prove that guys in front of you have done roofs they are showing on laptop. Ask questions, ask for company registration, WCB clearance, and liability insurance. It is your right to protect yourself. Don’t be fooled by expensive website and a sweet voice. There is a chance that this is all they have.

Statistics – last year just our company did more than 30 service calls related to poor/improper/cut cornered installation of metal roofs. Most of them were 1-2 years old roofs. I hate to clean up mess after someone else, but feel really sorry for the owners who already spent fortune on a roof and now have to pay me to do it the second time. Especially keeping in mind that metal roof should be worry free solution for life.

So, who would you like to deal with? Nice looking sales guys in suits? Guys who install 2-3 metal roofs a year? Or direct material manufactures and installers, like us? Keep in mind that this is a major investment and most likely there won’t be a second chance to do it right and perfect. Do not put yourself in my list of service calls. Let me do it right from the beginning and make it one of the best experiences of your life.