Changing wood shakes onto Lifetime Seamless Metal Shakes

      Hello again. Let me present you with another project we have done with Metal Seamless Shakes.

      This house on the North of Edmonton welcomed us with stunning design and wood shakes in the very end of their life. Some were missing. Others were falling off. But shakes were nice and thick. Lets take a look how it was upon our arrival.(sorry for the fingers =) )

       The stucco on the house looked very nice with shakes. That was one of the reasons we introduced our Metal Seamless Shakes to customers. They immediately fell in love with this option.

       After removing four trailer- loads of old shakes and some tricks and magic, we introduced a new roof to our happy clients. With brand new pipeboots, goosenecks and ridge vent all across the roof, we can be sure that this roof will perform at it’s very best from now and forever. As a very important part of our installation, we included snow guards all around the house at no additional cost. This is an essential element for any metal roof, since metal is sleeker than other traditional materials. Snow guards provide protection from avalanches during winter months.

       Here are a few pictures to enjoy:

       And another fly-over video:

       You can read about this product in our previous post here Metal Shakes Introduction

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