Classic is always a trend

Let me introduce you another big part of our services – standing seam roofing systems. This is by far the most common and popular option for any type of the building. It’s proven hidden-fasteners design allows installation on any slope. Keeping in mind almost infinite color options, there is no surprise that standing seam is the choice of thousands in Alberta.

There are plenty of ways and options you can choose to upgrade standing seam roofing systems up to our standards and budget. I will show you couple of our most recent installations.
Standing Seam roofs most of the time installed over existing plywood/OSB roofing deck. In our case, we are NOT trying to save pennies and do install all necessary trims, like the J-Trims on hips. We make sure that any penetrations are watertight, including plumbing stacks.

Here is a nice view of how the roof looks like just before paneling begins. Please take a note of J-trims on hips and at the walls. This is to prevent any water or snow to travel upwards with a wind.

And now the paneling begins. Keeping in mind that metal roof is way more sleek than asphalt shingles, we install snow rails all around the house and on a lower decks as well. We believe that this is absolute necessity, because big chunks of ice or snow can possibly travel down damaging the property underneath. But most importantly – it is a safety feature. That is why snow rails are included and there is no extra charges here.

And this is how it looks from the roof with some snow on =))

Front of the house. Again, there are snow rails everywhere including the porch.

This property features amazing garage with live-in suite on a second floor. Since there are cathedral ceilings in a suit, we proposed another system here. Self-ventilated upgrade with heat-reflective underlayment.

We made sure that all pipes are 100% waterproof and framed around for additional strength.



And installed panels.



We put snow rails on every slope as well.



And here is final result covered with some snow. Keep an eye on how the snow rails are keeping all this snow on a roof.


Our next project was on South Cooking lake. Here we had standing seam roof that needed a replacement due to damage.



On this job we noticed how NOT to install flashings around chimney and skylight. Here is BAD example




Pretty much installers made a pool and all the water and snow and ice did not have a place to go. So end up sitting behind the structure causing damage and possible leak. They did a good job with silicone though =)). But also lots of exposed fasteners made this roof system more weak.

And here is how we did it



Here are couple pictures of final result



Thank you for your interest and stay covered =)