Fantastic News! Now we can offer in-house Financing

That is really great news for everybody. Many people around would love to install metal roof on their house, but cannot afford it. They have to compromise. And we can understand that. Keeping in mind financial issues many people have no choice but to choose cheap options. We tried to talk to the banks, but they are really strict with FINANCIAL OPTIONS nowadays.

We’ve been working on it for a while. And finally partnered with dynamic Canadian financial company FinanceIT. It is a real milestone for us. Because reliability and stability has to be proved, no financial institutions want to work with small companies. In Canada all big banks want to deal with big established companies only. FinanceIT is, on another hand, is really dynamic and friendly. Instead of just filling the paperwork, they interview each of their new partner over the phone. It was great pleasure for me talking to young energetic and open-minded people.

It was huge surprise for me that FinanceIT is taking all and every new client personally. Means that even if you have not so good of credit score, they don’t bump you on a side of the road like many others do. They will take your situation into consideration and might propose another financial solution. Personally, I think that’s great!!

Instant decisions, flexible low cost payment plans, 0% available, best-in-class (office in Toronto, no hold,  real people on other end of the line). No sneaky terms or hidden fees.

Click on logo below and check them yourself.