Heritage touch

Almost 100 years ago, in 1924,  Ukrainian settlers built the church is known by many names, Spaca Moskalyk, Spasa na Moskalykakh, Ukrainian Catholic Church of Spasa (Muskalik), Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church and others. It’s not completely clear which is official.

Moskalyk was the family name of the person who donated the land it sits upon. The name Spaca sometimes shown as Spasa or Spas, well, we’re not really sure. Anyone care to chime in? This was not the first church at this site. An earlier one dating from the early 1900s, stood here before being replaced by the current structure.

Nowadays this heritage is undergoing major renovation. A lot of people did their best to save and upgrade this piece of our history. Just recently church was moved to new foundation, fresh paint is shining on domes.

Let’s take a look how this architectural masterpiece looked like when we first came to see it

Not the best looking roof around for sure =). It seen better days. Now it is time for new roof. We are thrilled to be a part of this truly historical moment as well.  And two weeks later we were able to present stunning result. Here we go:

And couple images of details and how it was done
Thanks to folks in Mundare, now we are part of the history as well. We believe that with our roof this church will be welcoming their guests for many more years. See you in another 100 years =)