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Home Maintenance for Spring: What You Need to Know



Tile roof in spring

Home Maintenance for Spring: What You Need to Know

Winter can seem endless. The cold weather lingers not only in our bones but also in our homes. As we ready ourselves for spring, we need to take a look around our properties to see what repairs and maintenance need to be done. With that in mind, here are some ways you can look after your house now that the weather is improving.

Maintaining Your Roof

Roof maintenance will mostly involve proper cleaning and keeping an eye out for abnormalities. Spray down the roof with a mixture of water and bleach to get rid of growth, and do a thorough visual inspection. Every year, you should look for bulges, slopes, or dips, including around the chimney. If you notice too many imperfections, this may be a sign of a serious problem. Call a professional if you feel things are getting overly complex, and if you need a replacement, contact I Roof Alberta to give your home a beautiful and top-quality roof. After all, the health of your roof is integral to the health of your house.

Check and Clean Gutters

Gutters must be regularly cleaned — at least twice a year — as our homes run the risk of water damage from flooding. You can remove the detritus by hand and then flush out the remains, or you can use a leaf blower with the proper adapter. However, be sure that you have the right materials before you begin, including a sturdy ladder, plastic scoop for decaying leaves, a reliable claw hammer, strong gloves, and a flashlight to check the gutters at the end. Try using a plumber’s snake if you see an obstruction or if water won’t run through after cleaning. Make sure you have a second person with you at all times, as being on a ladder by yourself can be dangerous. Have them hold the bottom while you climb, and never stand on the last two rungs since it is easy to lose your balance or otherwise suffer an injury.

Yardwork and Trees

Now is the best time of year to prep your garden. You may notice growth returning, but there may be barren patches or broken plants that need tending. Rake up dead material, replant or seed areas that lack plant life, and add mulch or fertilizer to help your garden refuel itself. Large trees may require more thought, however, so be ready to check them over. If they don’t seem healthy, speak to a contractor, but otherwise, rake up the base. Leave some fallen foliage to help your plants stay healthy, and be sure to do a deep watering for your trees. They don’t have to be watered often, depending on the variety, but they do need a long drink when it’s time.

Wood or Brick Damage

Winter can devastate the outside of our homes, yet spring brings weather ripe for making our own repairs. Should any of your panels become warped or damaged, you can replace them with a little grunt work. Remove the old panels either by unscrewing them or safely removing the nails holding them in place. Scrape the wall to clear it, and apply new caulking to secure the panel. Bricks require more effort, and it may be easier to get a contractor, yet you can do it yourself. You need the right chisel to dislodge the old piece and mortar to cement the new one. Most importantly, you need to confirm that the brick you’ve chosen matches your overall scheme before diving in, as nothing will stand out more than mismatched brick.

It’s good to know when you can do something yourself and when you should seek extra help. We all want to DIY what we can, but knowing our limits can help us save money in the long term. It’s time to get your home up to snuff for the coming warmer weather.

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