Is your contractor licensed?

    Hello there.

       Your roof is one if not the most important part of your property. That is why you need to choose wisely when You hire someone to do any work out there.  Especially keeping in mind that in most cases you can’t really double check on quality since restricted accessibility. You want to make sure you hire qualified professional. This means to hire a licensed contractor. To feel safe ask them a few questions:

– Can i see your Certificate of registration with Business Number?
– Can i see your WCB clearance letter?
– Are you Bonded? For how much?
– Can i see your liability insurance certificate?
– Can i see your Prepaid Contractor License? (if they ask for any down payment / deposit)

        You have absolute right to do so! There is nothing wrong with asking these few questions. Professional contractor in good standing has nothing to hide. And will be more than happy to provide all these papers to their customers.

         You can find more information on renovation forums and government sites like these onesImage result for alberta logo

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