Last Projects of Summer

Let me introduce you some projects we did in the end of summer.

Here is what we had. Old cedar roof. It is for sure time to put it trough our hands =)

 Now let’s see what we did

Terra-Cotta was so natural for this house. Combining the classic tile look with interesting architecture and beige stucco. There is nothing can come closer to this classy and elegant look. Let’s check details a little closer
 From Terra-Cotta we switch to grey roof. But before you will see result, i want to show you what we found upon arrival

Shingles were in terrible condition. Chimney stack was falling apart. But surprisingly, boards underneath were in perfect shape.
All this got right into dump. And now customer enjoying best roof on a market. On top of that we upgraded their chimney stack. Now it will stay there for another 100 years.

In a mean time between some big projects we did small emergency call – porch with classical black standing seam.