More Metal Roofing Jobs done recently

Hello, Everybody.

Please check below for some media from our recent job. Photos and videos say better than any words.

  • created by dji camera

And Please also Check this video we got today:

You can find more videos here:

Terra-Cotta European Tiles Roof Fly-Over

Or here

YAAAY!!! We got a drone !!! =)))))

There are a ton of videos on our YouTube Channel. Please consider taking a look there for more of our projects. As well as some DIY videos. In case you decide to purchase materials in bulk and install it yourself, we have great manuals available. Some consulting is also available upon request. In other words, let us know how we can help you and we will do our best.

Now our business expanded beyond the Alberta border. We have a representative in the Okanagan region. This allows us to provide the same amazing service and products to residents of mainland British Columbia. Give us a call in case your lovely cabin needs a new permanent roof. Our areas of service include Kamloops, Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, Penticton, and many more locations. Please call us to find out if your location is covered under our service area.

Call us now and we will be more than happy to assist with any project. We are the only exclusively residential metal roofing company in northern Alberta who installs ALL types of metal roofs. Including Metal Tiles, Interlocking Metal Shakes and Slate, Standing Seam roofs, Screw-on roofs and many more.

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