Black Standing Seam – HIBCO Project

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It’s been a while since we posted something fresh. Sorry =( We have been a little bit busy lately.
I would like to introduce you to our recent collaboration with HIBCO Construction. This project featured almost every single option for a mechanical standing seam roof. Such options as integrated snow rails, double stage seaming, strapping, skylights, pitch change and many more. Let me break some of the features below:

Double stage seaming is a process of seaming metal roof in two stages.

This process requires twice more labor. But provides for finer roof lines and solid roof structure.

single stagedouble stage


We installed standing seam metal roof over double strapping. Double strapping provides additional ventilation, insulation, eliminates any condensation, provides additional sound proof. As well as it improves overall health of the house. In our case it looked like this


Another outstanding feature of this roof is an array of skylights. Often skylight means a leaky area. In order to avoid any potential problems, we used no silicone or screws, but we folded and seamed all the parts of the skylight flashing.


Another interesting feature of this roof was a change in pitch. We made it without a single cut. Only folds and seams. Using this time and labor consuming technique, we provided our client with cleanest and safest possible way for their roof. No cuts means no leaks or metal deterioration. Please see for yourself.

pitch change pitch changepitch change Please check couple more photos from this project

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