Standing Seam new build

       Hello, There

       In this post I want to show you one crazy project we completed this summer. It includes a house and a garage. Roof was done with 24 ga Dark Zink color scratch resistant steel in 1″ standing seam profile. This projects sits in a beautiful neighborhood next to the valley and Glenora area. Modern and sleek design from Ministry Of Design

        Interesting roof design with multiple tough spots for installers. As usual, we folded panels on all valleys and edges. To make it 100% bulletproof and eliminate screws on a roof. Keeping in mind that this roof is made of valleys, we spent lots of time on it. But happy with the result.

       As you can see, we installed snow rails on this standing seam roof everywhere to protect surroundings during winter. Additional snow rails were installed over sensitive areas. Such as chimney, dead valley on a back of the house and flat roof canopy to the left of the main entrance.

       But most interesting part of the project was hidden between main area house and addition. Wall and roof meet together creating deep valley. We faced the challenge of creating something that can hold LOTS of water and snow for long periods of time without leaking. However, keeping it in line with current roof design and standing seam profile. So we ended up with complicated structure of elements, installed over BlueSkin underlayment. All parts of the system were custom measured and made. Every part was installed using fold and hidden fasteners. Please see below for pictures during installation and result.

        In the end , i would like to present you with a fly-around video from the drone. It is really breathtaking experience. Please enjoy.

       Call us now and we will be more than happy to assist with any project. We are the only exclusively residential metal roofing company in northern Alberta who installs ALL types of metal roofs. Including Metal Tiles, Interlocking Metal Shakes and Slate, Standing Seam roofs, Screw-on roofs and many more.