Terra-Cotta metal tile roof with half-round gables

Hello, Everyone.
We just completed unique metal tile roof project.

This could be a simple little one except for one detail – it has half-round gable ends. There are few houses like this in Edmonton. Especially in older areas. No one could propose decent solution. But we found elegant one.

This is how it was half way through. Please note the framing we did. Strapping is required for additional ventilation, it levels any uneven spots on a roof deck as well as provides solid base for metal tiles

Metal tile

We replaced outdated exhaust pipes with modern Goosenecks. Installed snow stops all across the metal roof for protection at no additional cost. And now this house is living a second life. It will never see ice damps or mold. Proper ridge ventilation will serve to keep attic dry and cool in summer. Head turning appeal of metal tile roof will bring the cost of the property up. And every time customers will approach their house it ill welcome them with warm and pleasant view as well as 50 years warranty.

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